Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just alittle update.

I some painting projects going on but I haven't any pictures yet. One of the new projects are a ruind building, fairly easy to make I just have used some cardboard, a sharpe knife, sand and glue to make it.
I hope I will have some picturs soon and maybe a step by step guide how to make it, pity I didn't take pictures of how I made it.
I have some models that I think is pretty good, maybe i will take some pictures on them too.
A questions to you readers.
What do you like best.
GW ready made buildings or home made buildings.
I like both, both looks good if they are right painted.

Have a nice day!
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Here follows pictures on one of my painting projects.
Its the Warhammer fortfied manor.

This is the chapel, I haven't painted it so much.

Some different angles. Iam fairly satisfied with the colour on the roof so far.

On this side I've only painted the stone details.

Here are some pictures on the Tower.

That side is almost finished, just some small details left.

Iam satisfied with the colours on the walls.

I like the stained glas window on this side.

The skulls on this side looks awesome.

More pictures comming soon.

Have a nice day!

If you leave a comment I will be very happy.